Our Classes

At Laver’s Academy, we treat all of our pupils as individuals and try to bring out the best in each and everyone. What matters to us is that you are willing to learn and try new things. Our teachers are friendly and encouraging so if you are bit nervous, don’t worry, we are here to help.
What can your child expect to learn?
  • Dance choreography
  • Dance technique; including strength and flexibility
  • Vocal breathing and technique
  • Microphone technique
  • Song lyrics, harmonies, group and solo performance skills
  • Voice projection and diction
  • Stage direction
  • Stage presence
  • Script reading
  • Acting for camera
  • Self-discipline and focus
  • Team work and confidence building & much more
We also work on LAMDA acting exams and perform in end of term showings, summer workshops, concerts and an annual full scale production in a large theatre.

Drama lessons

The main focus of our Drama classes is for the children to have fun using drama games, and we use techniques to build confidence and self esteem. We offer a range of activities that will help support your child, these include; 

Improvisation 

Working with others 

Confidence building 

Public speaking 

Presenting 

Taking direction 

Voice projection and diction 

Character interpretation 

Preparation for LAMDA acting exams

Entrance auditions to full time performing arts school  Audition technique


In addition to our main school we offer an advanced drama class for students aged 13+. The main focus shifts to the more technical aspects of acting. We teach stage direction and a little about the history of theatre. They work on annunciation, evaluate characters; words and actions and determine what motivates them. We also analyse monologues and soliloquies. Our advanced drama class also have the chance to perform their own play at a local theatre. 

Dance lessons

Our dance classes begin with a warm up to music tailored to each specific age group. The junior class focus on fun exercises, whereas inter, senior and advanced classes are much more challenging. Through these sessions we aim to;

  • Increase stamina

  • Muscle strength

  • Flexibility

  • Coordination

  • Self confidence

Once the steps are mastered we look at the technique, style and find different ways to enhance the performance, this is when good acting skills can be a great advantage, and this can change a routine from just being a variety of steps put together into a complete polished performance.

Singing lessons

Our singing classes start with both physical and vocal warm up exercises where the students are taught about the physical process of singing and the relevant parts of the body that are used when singing. 

Singing techniques are then taught through the learning of contemporary, pop and musical theatre songs. These techniques include: harmonies, vocal phrasing, breathing, diction, voice projection, singing as part of a choir, singing solo or in small groups; as well as advice on how to interpret the song.